All-in-one property management platform by Hausing.

Save time. Better overview. Increased profits.

What we offer?

Task management

Daily property management and maintenance tasks all kept in one place. Plus messaging.

Rental invoicing

Simple generation of rental invoices. Integration with accounting programs.

Formal Deeds

Formal documentation (act and deeds of finished tasks) with automatic invoice generation.

Contract Management

Lease and service contract management made easy and reliable.

Utility cost distribution

Dynamic distribution of utility costs depending on the nature of the property.


All contacts (lessees, contractors, etc.) stored in one place and accessible 24/7.

Property Register

All information about the portfolio (properties, units, devices, etc.) structured in one place.

Document cloud

Back up all your important documents related to your portfolio securely in one place.


Sending of notices and communication with all parties via Hausing. No lost e-mails.

Hausing will save you time. It’s perfect for owners of commercial properties who have more than two buildings to manage. The platform gives you a better overview of everything you’re managing, you know straight away where work needs to be done. Information never goes missing, as it usually sometimes can happen in property management.

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